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  • Joe, The Truck Driver "Never seen anythang the likes of that thar tray! With Myra a holding it there, it was a helping me pik the lottery figures."
  • Horace Hogfin, Local Farmer "I know just where i be laying my head at night.... wit me woman, me pigs, or here with Myra!"
  • Jailbait Suzzy, High School Student "I worried myself done sick thinking I was carrying billyjoe"s chillin... but I am now beholdin to Myra since she told me it was Jessie"s!."
  • Myra, Waitress and Serving Tray Psychic " This darn serving tray has saved my life! My Serving and my Seeing talent have paved the way for my future! It Really Works!."

This Interactive Web Toy
is owned by ladymindy
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