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Alicia Calaway is a personal fitness instructor from New York, New York.
Amber Brkich graduated from Beaver Area High School in Pennsylvania.
Colby Donaldson is in his twenties, he's from San Angelo, Texas.
Debb Eaton is a Corrections Officer from New Hampshire.

Ousted week 1

Elisabeth, or "Lizzie" as her friends call her, is 23 and is from Cranston, R.I.
Jeff Varner, in his early 30's, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina.
Jerri Manthey is 30 and lives in L.A.
Keith Famie is a chef from West Bloomfield, Michigan.
Kel Gleason is an Intelligence Officer in the United States Army.
Ousted week 2
Kimmi Kappenberg currently works as a bartender in Long Island, New York.
Maralyn is a 51-year-old former police officer from Washington D.C.
Michael Skupinis a thirty-eight year old father of three from White Lake, Michigan.
Mitchell Olson is a music major at South Dakota State University.
Nick Brown is entering his second year at Harvard Law School.
Rodger Bingham is a high school teacher from Dry Ridge, Kentucky.
Tina Wesson is a forty year old mother of two from Knoxville, Tennessee.

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